Rules When Picking An Online Bingo Game


It seems like every online bingo site seems to be jumping on the mobile bingo bandwagon – but there is a very good reason for this! With the biggest and best sites like Mecca Bingo now offering amazing bingo apps and mobile action, smaller sites just cannot compare and may well be left behind in 2013 if they DON’T offer mobile gaming. There are loads of perks linked to mobile games, and here are just a few reasons that YOU should choose to GO MOBILE:

1. Convenience

Just when we thought that the game of bingo couldn’t possible get any more convenient, they go and develop their mobile software! This of course means that you don’t even have to leave your BED let alone leave the house to bag some lovely jackpots and prizes – the perfect way to cater to our lazy nation! It also perks up your commute, your lunch break and even bath times – just make sure you don’t drop your mobile in the bath-water in your excitement!

2. Jackpots

Robo Defense for Android Game


The game Robo Defense for the Android phone has taken the ever popular free approach with additional features if you purchase the full game. However, the great part about Robo Defense is that it is a fully functional game even if you do not choose to purchase the game to unlock all the extras. Right now, Robo Defense is the best free game in the Tower Defense genre mostly because they are able to fund development with the number of people who purchase the full game. This game is one of the top downloaded games on the free Android game marketplace and is consistently ranking within the top 10 Android games on most game review websites.

The general concept of this game is that an army is coming to attack your base and you cannot let them get all the way to the entrance of your base. Thus, you must defend the battlefield outside your base with towers. The towers can be used to block enemies as well as shoot machine guns, rockets, slowing guns, anti-air, and flame throwers. The amount of

Top Multiplayer Games for Android


Gaming on mobile devices is more popular than ever with the revolution of smart phones and tablet computers. You can tell by viewing the stats of the top multiplayer games for Android and iPhone that this trend is here to stay, gaming is not strictly the territory of traditional consoles and handhelds.

The ability to link up with friends and play together via mobile devices, no matter how near or far, is convenient and technologically impressive. If you haven’t become addicted yet, you haven’t played some of the about games out there.


This game is played with multiple players controlling marbles. The players decide the direction and velocity of the marbles. Once all the players have locked in their route, the marbles are released all at once. The goal is to miss falling through pits or being blown up by the hidden land mines. This depends on the particular map you are using, but each game is intense, fun, and exciting. This requires a heavy amount of strategy

The Increasing Demand of Android Development

Developed by Android Inc. and launched by Google, Android is an excellent mobile operating system. It is based on Linux kernel and is written in many software languages frameworks including XML, Java/ Ajax, Flash, C, C++ etc. This allows Android OS (Operating System) to support seamless applications and software’s. Undoubtedly, the requirement of android development was ought to be an obvious outcome.

Currently there are over 100,000 applications available in android market (an official online android application store provided by Google). This availability of applications reflects the significant demand of android development. In fact, with the launch of Android OS in the market, software development companies (providing mobile app development) soon understand the potentiality of Android for supporting numerous applications, related to various industries and with various functionalities. Additionally, Android OS is integrated with OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics API (Applications Programming Interface) which allows the android developers to develop rich 3D games as a part of android app development. Excluding the software languages and OpenGL engine Android OS supports and/ or is integrated various other technologies such as Flash Player 10.1, HTML5, Exchange ActiveSync, Motion Sensor, Accelerometer, Multitasking, Google Voice Search, gyroscopes, multi-touch and many more.

Top Android Games

Angry Birds

Without doubt, angry birds is the most popular game for Android. And she deserves it. Your task on angry birds is to launch a wide variety of birds on a structure that contains different targets with bonus points for destroying the entire structure with as little birds as possible. Now, if you have not played before thinking, “sounds the same as hundreds of other games I’ve tried before.” But once you’ve tried it, you will understand how fun and addictive this game is and do not worry – you will not complete this game any time soon.


-Over 120 exciting levels.

-Smooth high quality graphics.

-Free updates containing new levels.

Worth Getting?

Yes! Angry Bird version of Android is completely free (at the expense of advertising), so definitely download. Immense popularity and success of this game shows how good this game is. Try it, you wont be disappointed.

– Defence Robo –

I’ve always been a big fan of tower defense games. I feel comfortable

Free Android Games For Those Cathartic Moments of Calm

When you have an Android phone, work hard and spend your day running around, writing emails, attending meetings, rushing for trains and buses, queuing for just about everything and generally being a ball of stress, you need time to relax. One of your companions amidst your whirlwind of digital torrents and verbal diarrhea is your trusty smartphone. Even though you may curse its bleeping and battery life, it has a whole world of fun just beneath the surface, waiting for you to take a break and indulge in one of its great games.

Next time you have a moment on the train have a go at one of these…

Traffic Jam

What at first seems like a very dull game that will get old in a matter of minutes will soon turn out to be more engrossing than a Sudoku the size of a table. Traffic Jam is basically a puzzle game where you have to get a car out of a packed car park of cars by sliding the cars boxing you in, up and down in order to give your car access to the exit.

Most Addictive iPhone Games for Teens

A game can entertain you and keep you engaged all day. There is a range of addictive games available these days, which can help you relax. iPhone applications and games are extremely addictive and cheap enough for everyone to afford.

However, it will be an elongated process, if you have to try millions of games, to decide your favorite ones. Thus, I have sorted out the top eight and most fabulously addictive games, which are sure to enthrall the new age teenagers.

1. Fruit Ninja

This app can practically entertain anyone and everyone. The fruit Ninja is a wonderful iPhone game, where you have to slice fruits in a stroke. This is an exciting game with brilliant background, and it keeps on getting interesting as the levels increase.

2. Doodle Jump

This wonderful game is highly addictive and comes with regular updates. There are multiple things to collect, fresher courses to jump through in this app. These things may make the game shamefully addictive among teenagers. With a sufficient amount of playtime, this game is worth every penny.

Free Android Apps for Communication

The Android market is flooded with applications, and it can really get confusing for people to choose an app, that is perfect for them. There are a lot of articles out there, which have listed the best Android must-have apps. But, not a lot of them talk about applications that are specifically designed to solve your communication woes. I am going to list down some apps that are just amazing. And anyone, who has ever used these apps, has only good things to say about them.

# Handcent SMS

This free app can really spice up your phone, when it comes to texting people. Handcent SMS is one of the best applications out there, and the recent update has made it even fancier. The added features include…

  • The ability to backup your sms’.
  • You can schedule a sms.
  • You can send e-cards and greetings to your friends using the application.
  • Downloadable themes, fonts and smileys.

And if that doesn’t sound tempting enough, there are tons of other features, which make this killer app a must-have for any communication fanatic. Just give this application a try, and you will never go back to your default boring android texting

Social Networking Apps Development for Android

The term digital social networking was first recognized in late 90s with the launch of social site On this site users were allowed to create profiles and to list their friends. Since then, this trend has been ongoing and including new ideas of social networking and social media such as profile and comment sharing (e.g., Facebook), blogging (e.g., WordPress), micro-blogging (e.g. twitter) wikis (e.g., Wikipedia), video sharing (e.g., YouTube), discussion forums, photo sharing (e.g., Flicker), RSS feeds, and so on. Apart from this, there are thousands of applications providing specific networking services.

These platforms/applications provided instant access to reach groups of friends but for accessing all these platforms, users are required to use PC.

Since smartphone launched, accessing social-networking platforms has become as easy as blinking the eyes. This also speeded-up social networking application development projects and more and more internet based social websites are now available in the form apps that one can easily install in his smartphone.

The top 16 Facebook apps can be classified in categories likes games, dating, lifestyle, communications, and music. Other sort of these apps can be for location, geo,

Free Android Apps to Download

Did you just get a new Android phone? Maybe a new HTC Incredible or Droid Evo? You’ve gotten the screens looking good, the font options just the way you want them…but now you need a few Android apps to make it even better? And free apps are always better than ones you have to pay for, right?

I’ve compiled a list here of my Top 5 Android Apps (from the free apps category) that you’ll NEED to download onto your phone before you do anything else. Without further ado…

1. Bar Code Scanner – This app has a deceptively simple name, huh? It’s soooo powerful, though. You start the app and point at it ANY type of bar code, whether it’s the bar code on the back of your Mountain Dew 20oz or one of those funny looking new QR Codes that are starting to pop up everywhere, and the free app does the rest! I just scanned a bottle of CVS water and the app connected me to the UPC Database and accurately found the number for me.

2. An E-Reader App – Which one (or

Tips for Android App Development

Android is the most dynamic operating system of the recent times. Being an open source, it has made it easier for the users to customize and bring out newer versions of this OS. According to statistics, Android has usurped up more than 70% of market share of the mobile users and this number is growing every day.

Another salient and most talked about feature of the Android OS is the number of applications that it has to offer. It comes a close second to Apple, with almost 500k of applications and games in play store. There are thousands of Android developers who are toiling hard to come up with newer applications and games and earn a livelihood out of it.

If you are a budding Android App Developer, you could make use of the following tips and tricks that would not only make your application stand out but also make it appeal to a large number of users.

Embrace Languages

C, C++, Java, SQL etc., are a few of the language on which Android OS is based. If you are an Android developer you

Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Android is at the forefront of the new technology with many new applications taking advantage of its well accommodating accelerometer, compass, camera and GPS system. Here is a list of the top 10 augmented reality apps for Android:

  1. Wikitude World Browser – This app combines Wikipedia content with location awareness to provide real-time information about your surroundings. By panning your phone camera across a scene, you can see any POI’s (points of interest) that are recognized by the app.
  2. Layar Reality Browser – This is one of the first augmented reality apps to hit the market and still retains its spot near the top in popularity. Depending on what type of layer you choose to include in your view, you can see many types of real-time digital information over top your view.
  3. Wikitude Drive – Wikitude Drive overlays driving instructions atop your camera’s live video feed of the road. This allows users to watch the road as they are driving through their phone’s screen with detailed information.
  4. Weather Reality – Weather Reality allows for many types of real-time weather related interactions. You can view detailed weather reports through your phone’s camera along with current conditions, radar, severe weather reports and

Social Networking Apps For Android

The Android market is tiny compared to Apple’s App Store. If you think 75,000 applications and games are not enough, that is. If you own an Android based phone and want to install some useful social media applications this article is for you. The following Android applications will take your social networking to the next level.

1) iTookThisOnMyPhone. This application allows you to take a photo, shoot a video then automatically transfer the data to your online photo or video gallery. The app supports Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, and many others. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to upload photo and video media.

2) AnyPost. This app is a full-featured client. It synchronizes with your account and allows posting to multiple social networks. You can add photos, update your location, and view your last 25 messages. AnyPost supports Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and others.

3) MySpace Mobile. MySpace is alive and well in the mobile social media scene. MySpace Mobile for Android allows you to access MySpace anytime anywhere. You can send and receive messages, update your status, check out profiles, add friends,

Great Apps For Android

Navigating android market can be complicated, with unclear descriptions, doubtful user reviews, and often buggy apps. Here are a few searched best apps available you can use on your android cellphone.



This is a $1 app in the android market that lets you form location-based missions. For instance, you can have your android phone’s Wi-Fi turn on when you arrive at home, or have the cellphone quiets itself once you arrive at your work place. The app provides a great way to automate slight tasks, affording you a few extra battery time and the discomfiture of having an exaggeratedly noisy ringtone start out in the middle of a meeting.


Wunderlist is a free app in the android market that syncs your to-do lists in all your devices, which means you’ll always have your errands with you. You’ll also be sent regular emails by Wunderlist when you are close to a cut-off date, these applies to those who don’t check the app often. (It’s also optimized for android tablets).


Springpad is also a free android

Google Play Apps for Android Users

Everyday, developers come up with cool apps for Android users (both tablet and phones). In this article, we examine five of the most popular Android Apps on Google Play.

The first App is Swiftkey 3 Keyboard. For those who made the switch from the Apple iOS to the Android, there has been some complaints over the layout of the keyboard. Swiftkey, according to many users, wipe away all those problems. When you type on a Android keyboard, you will often get a list of alternative options if you messed up one or two letters. Unfortunately, the general keyboard system is not too good with detecting the correct word. Swiftkey changes that with its natural language system. Even if you type really fast and end up with sloppy words, Swiftkey has a better chance of detecting the correct word than the normal system does. There is a reason why this App has already received over 80,000 downloads among the Android community.

The second Android App is Beautiful Widgets. Some of the generic widgets that appear on your device may be a little boring. If you want to give your phone or

How to Download Games For iPhone

Gamer culture has gone mainstream. Millions of people all over the world play video games every day. Game systems have new capabilities like motion sensors, and gaming desktops can deliver amazing visual aesthetics due to updated physics engines and the release of more powerful graphics cards.

However, mobile phones have also benefited from the development of new technology related to gaming. Recently, devices like the iPhone and Android Market smartphones changed the mobile world with their application platforms. While many software companies have released useful mobile applications that help consumers solve problems, others have also designed games for release in the Apple Store and the Android Market. For those users that wish to play games while on the go, let’s take a look at the process involved in downloading games for the iPhone.

Navigating the Apple Store Interface

From your iPhone, you can log in to the App Store. This specialized subsidiary of the Apple Store provides a searchable database of all the awesome mobile applications that you can download onto your device.

The interface itself offers a separate category for games. You can

Free Downloadable Games For Android

Free game download from the Android market have not been as popular as its Apple counterpart. Nevertheless, given that Android is an open source platform from Google, it has got to have some fun games to while away a few hours on your computer. This does seem to be the case as the new releases include some top- notch free games that offer plenty of excitement to the gaming enthusiast. Hence, Android gaming is picking up among gaming fans. Even smartphone users who aren’t interested in the gaming experience enjoy these free games.

With countless games coming out on a regular basis, finding good games requires a bit of research. We have saved you the trouble by compiling a small list of great free Android games:

Angry Birds

This is a puzzle game with a straight-forward format. Nonetheless, this quirky bird game makes for absorbing gameplay with its battalion of diversely armed birds. In it, the player is called upon to maneuver a flock of birds that are out of revenge against a herd of pigs. The reason for this chase is that the pigs stole the

Top 5 FPS Games For Android

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout comes at the top of the list of top FPS games of 2016. Though it was released in 2014, it has maintained its position ever since. In the first mission of the game the beautiful city, Venice, is shown under terrorist attack and, as always, an American Marine, Caydon Phoenix, has come forward to save the world.

The game actually deserves its position in the list for its awesome storyline, the hero has unveiled a conspiracy, in which, Gilman, the world’s biggest private security contactor is involved, and outstanding graphics with all the minor details underwater and camera movement when the hero performs some stunt. The game has variety of missions. Sometimes you find yourself saving someone and sometimes you are destroying terrorists’ destructive plans. The gameplay is pretty addictive and you do not stop until you kill every last terrorist on earth.

Dead Trigger 2

Another game in the list of top FPS games is Dead Trigger 2 which gives plenty of fun to the crazy people for whom killing zombies is the best time

Diverting Games for Android Devices

Mobile games are taking the world by storm. There is a long list of paid games, but the number of free games is as long, if not longer. Many different games are available to mobile users. An Android game takes many forms. Some are short enough to be completed during the morning commute. Others games offer players with hours on end of exciting game play. The mobile gaming industry is making the most of available technology to give the public more than enough reason to keep falling in love with Android games.

If you have just picked up a new device, then here are some highly recommended games for your Android mobile phone. They have been designed to provide mobile users a means to kill time in the most entertaining way possible.


The challenges that players of “Dots” need to overcome is to properly line up dots of similar colors as fast as they can. This very casual puzzle game requires players to draw lines between dots of different colors in order to link them together. It is also quite addictive because of the perfect combination

Two Great Free Games For Android Devices Like The Motorola RAZR

Thanks to the high quality screens and powerful processor boasted by many modern smartphones they are perfect devices for mobile gaming. The Android Marketplace is packed full of different games that will appeal to a variety of different users. We take a look at two of the best games available for Android phones like the Motorola RAZR that will not cost the user a single penny.

Strategy games are perfect for phone likes the Motorola RAZR as they provide a fun and addictive experience without requiring huge amounts of power to run the graphics. One of the best titles of this kind that we have discovered is the excellent Little Empire. This game requires players to build their own town in addition to managing an army to protect this area. This works very well as it neatly combines two totally different gaming genres. Another element that really appeals on this title is that it allows you to duel with another human player if you get bored of taking on the computer generated enemy. It really is hard to fault this game in the graphics department thanks to the wonderfully colourful landscapes and the